Plant care


Aloe is a plant that supports either the cold, but not moisture. It is therefore important to cultivate in an area with easy drainage, pot or directly in soil. If potted plants this should not be too large, for the roots proliferate at the expense of leaves, we take the reference length of the aloe leaf divided by two to calculate the diameter of the pot, that is, if the measured sheet 30 cm, the pot should be 15 cm in diameter. It is important to choose a sand with a slightly acidic pH, as too alkaline soils slow the growth of aloe. If the plant is on the outside is important to get moderate wind to strengthen its stem, although we must keep their leaves get wet too, the effect of rainfall or irrigation, if it occurs it is necessary to avoid dry rot . If indoor'd better get bright light but it is filtered and south east or east. Aloe thrives best when it undergoes changes in temperature and this varies between 20 and 25 º C.

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