With this combination, any dermatological problem (ezcema, dermatitis, psoriasis ...) can be treated very effectively. To be able to get the full benefit of this combination you have to follow the steps that are explained in detail in "tips".
1st Pure Gel: This will be the first product to apply on the clean skin since it will have the function of regenerating and healing any outbreak of the problem. 2nd Lotion for children: Due to its ingredients, this lotion is ideal to moisturize this type of damaged skin, as they are as sensitive as that of children and thus prevent the skin from drying out. This should always be applied after the pure gel, and as many times as it is necessary since its application can vary depending on the level of itching and severity of the problem. These two products mentioned above will be applied daily throughout the body as it suits each individual. 3rd Petit Cream Balm: This product will only be used in case of worsening of the problem and it will be applied between once or twice a day for at least 4 days. The balm contains zinc oxide, a very beneficial compound for the skin since it potentially accelerates the regeneration of the skin in the affected areas and eliminates the reddish color due to the infection that the skin suffers. This reddish color is due to sweat, scratching... . This cream, that is quite thick, covers the skin with a protective layer preventing the problem from appearing or spreading, it happens to babies when they have diaper rash. WARNINGS: This is not 100% curative, it is just a way to maintain and prevent.


It is indicated for dermatological problems.
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