High solar protection milk with nice and soft texture of rapid absorption. Prolonged moisturizing action throughout the exposure, thanks to its aloe vera content. Indicated especially for clear skin phototypes.
  • Aloe vera: Hydrating, soothing and cell regenerating.
  • Carrot oil: Antioxidant properties and softeners. Regenerating, thanks to its high content of vitamin A. Beta carotene accelerates the tanning process of the skin. 
  • Calendula: Re-epithelializing and moisturizing.
  • Sunscreen: A combination of physical and chemical sunscreens, which ensure a safe and ideal protection. UVA filters which protect against skin aging. UVB filters protect against sunburn and redness.
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant.
  • Glycerin: Moisturizing action. It prevents the loss of water favoring the hydration of the skin.
  • Protection
  • Moisturize
Apply to dry skin generously 30 minutes before sunbathing. Reapply in prolonged exposures and especially after swimming.


Aloe vera sun lotion that protects and moisturizes the skin. High protection.
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